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 Safety Policy

​​The safety of our people, the people who work on site with us and the community in which we work is our number one priority. No task is ​​so important that risk of injury to people is justified.


Our Commitment

Through uncompromising leadership, certified management systems, behaviour and cultural reinforcement and a commitment to continuous improvement we will:

  • Foster an awareness of Health and Safety as our number one priority in everyone in Delta
  • Empower and encourage every Delta team member to place their health and safety, and the safety of others, above all other requirements of their work
  • Train everyone in safety awareness
  • Prepare and use, for each project, a project Health and Safety Plan.
  • Comply with all legislation, regulations and codes of practice, within the appropriate state or territory in which Delta operates
  • Investigate every incident and change our practices based on the results of investigation.
  • Develop a long term improvement plan and measure our progress.
  • Annually review this Policy
  • No Delta employee will be reprimanded for stopping a task that they perceive in good faith to be unsafe, even if it is later proved to be safe.


Environmental Policy

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